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Ruth Landsman has been studying yoga since 1992. She left a 20 year career in high tech to teach yoga.

Ruth teaches Kali Ray TriYoga® at TriYoga Boston and at various locations in the Newton/Waltham area. TriYoga is a flowing, meditative style of yoga designed to unite breath and mind with the precise natural alignments of flowing and sustained postures. This method is systematic, so students may progress from the basics to advanced levels as they increase their flexibility, strength, endurance, and knowledge.

About TriYoga®

Kali Ray TriYoga®, founded by yogini Kali Ray, is a systematic method that includes the full spectrum of traditional yoga practices. TriYoga has drawn many dedicated students since 1980. The original Kali Ray TriYoga center was established in Santa Cruz, CA in 1986. Other centers are located around the country, including Waltham, MA.


Basics level is appropriate for those new to yoga, recovering from injuries or who just want a gentle, slow-paced class

Basics classes include relaxing and rejuvenating posture sequences for a well-rounded daily practice. Bolsters, pillows, and props can be used to ensure comfort and alignment.

Basics classes help build strength, flexibility, and endurance and prepare the student for higher levels.

More Advanced

Levels 1 and higher each include postures from all seven posture groups. Each level consists of five series that gradually progress to teach all the postures and flows of that level

Level 1, Earth Series, standing postures, turns, and inversions. Each flow series is a complete practice, working all parts of the body.

Level 2, Water Series, includes more challenging postures, more strenuous flow sequences, and more intricate turns that connect postures.

Level 3, Fire Series, is a strenuous practice requiring strength, flexibility, and endurance.

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